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Sports Fact

By Mariana Cepeda-Morel Did you know that in 1891 basketball was invented by James Naismith? He also made it so you couldn’t dribble the ball, but in a game in 1897, Yale was credited with advancing the ball by dribbling. Naismith originally made the game shorter with two 15-minute halves with a break time of […]

Ask Anne Scott

By Mariana Cepeda-Morel Dear Anne Scott,  I’m a freshman at CHS, and I am so overwhelmed with school! Do you have any tips to help me manage?  Signed,  Frustrated Freshman  Anne’s Response Dear Frustrated Freshman,  My advice for you is to make sure that you start off the year with a good first impression. First […]

What Christmas Movie Are you Based Off Your Zodiac Sign (According to stylecaster)

By Brianna Celis Montiel Aries: Home Alone  Although Aries are natural born leaders, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a mischievous and playful side. Aries doesn’t only relate to the main character Kevin McCallister in Home Alone by his mischievous antics, but they relate to Kevin McCallister on a much deeper level. Kevin McCallister is […]

Drama Club Presents “Whodunit… and to whom?”

By Naysha Rivas As usual, the Drama Club shows just how well of a show they can put on. Previously known for doing Puffs and Pippin, “Whodunit… and to whom” was performed by the Carteret High School Drama Club on November 16 and 17, 2023. It was great and the ending confused audiences. Anne Scott […]

Most Played Video Games In CHS

By Jesse Flores Here at CHS there are a multitude of people who love to play games online, whether it be by console, PC, or even mobile. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to interview the students and faculty at this school about their most played video game. On top of that I will […]

The Club That Is Sharing Beauty……..Literally

By Anisah Brown  Braiding is an art that can be traced back to many years ago.From french braids to cornrows, there are countless types of braiding and specific ways of making them. Braiding Beauty is an after school program hosted at Pathways to school students on the beautiful arts of braiding. Formed last school year, […]

Bathroom Duty at Carteret High

By Rianna Araujo and Daiancy Aquino So what really goes on in Carteret High School’s bathrooms? Here’s our exclusive intel on the topic. We started our interviews on the second floor with Mrs. Cal. “It was a humbling experience” she stated. You can interpret this however you’d like to but I think we all know… […]

Holiday Recipes

By: Alicia Rivera Mendonca What is the best part of the holidays? Specifically thanksgiving….it’s FOOD! Some people celebrate with different food choices and with family or friends or both.  Targeting my Puerto Rican household we eat a variety of foods, like; turkey, potato salad, arroz con gandules, pernil, apple pie, tres leche, banana pudding, and […]

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution

By: Jovana Ulysse Today I’ve asked a few of my friends what their new year’s resolutions are. Here are some of the new year’s resolutions I’ve gathered. Tasnia Nabila: I want to procrastinate less and I want to get into studying more.  Stephania Pena Colorado: I want to quit lying and become a more honest […]

Opening of Debate Club

By: Nafisa Tabassum, Tasnia Nabila, Jovana Ulysse The Debate Club started up around a month ago, it was in the works since the end of last year. After finally getting permission to start the debate club, we got to work on getting it ready for this school year. The first week of the Debate Club […]

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