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By Brianna Celis Montiel

Aries: Home Alone 

Although Aries are natural born leaders, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a mischievous and playful side. Aries doesn’t only relate to the main character Kevin McCallister in Home Alone by his mischievous antics, but they relate to Kevin McCallister on a much deeper level. Kevin McCallister is an eight-year old troublemaker, left home alone and now must defend his house against a pair of burglars. Watching this movie will leave Aries with a good laugh.


Taurus: How The Grinch stole Christmas 

Taurus put on a stubborn front. Their determination to not change ther attitude or way of thinking, help them relate to the reclusive Grinch. Just like the Grinch, Taurus knows how to hold a grudge against people, which helps the audience and Taurus empathize with the grumpy and negativity of the Grinch. 

Gemini: Love Actually

Geminis have many good traits like being perceptive, analytical and very funny. The down side of a Gemini is getting bored way too easily! But with the many intersecting love triangles present in Love Actually it is more than enough for Geminis to appreciate the drama and excitement that the movie will bring. 

Cancer: The Holiday 

Cancers wear their heart on their sleeves, which makes The Holiday the perfect movie for them. For a helpless romantic and sentimental Cancer, it has it all. Having four people overcoming their internal conflict to hopefully find true love makes Cancer fully immersed in the spirit of the season.

Leo: Last Holiday

Leos are born with confidence and have a passion for fulfilling their goals. Leos are hardworking, and when they have a dream they go off on a journey. A Leo will put their self-expression, creativity and commanding attention. As soon as we see Georgia Byrd on a mission to finally make her dreams come true, Leo will be alongside her to see Georgia fulfill her dreams. Before it’s too late. 

Virgo: The Polar Express 

The Classic tale of The Polar Express reminds a thoughtful Vigro of a simpler time. This perfectionist earth sign is humble, self-effacing and modest. Virgos love a good movie that never gets old, since they are detail-oriented. It helps them appreciate the enchanting animation that was released in the early 2000s and sure to bring them childhood memories. 

Libra: Happiest Season 

Clever and flirtatious, Libra can’t help but fall in love with a star studded dramedy about a relationship. In a relationship Libra are sweet, affectionate and attentive, but just like in every relationship someone overthinks. Knowing that anything can go wrong, they tend to run away. In the Happiest Season Libra can connect with Abby not wanting to visit her girlfriend’s uptight family over the holidays. Libras also love the opportunity to debate whether or not Abby deserves better.

Scorpio: The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s no surprise that Scorpio’s favorite movie is Nightmare before Christmas. Although Nightmare before Christmas is not the most festive movie, this mischievous movie will make a Scorpio season right at home. Because you know Scorpios are still upset that Halloween is over, this movie is the perfect blend between freaky and festive. 

Sagittarius: Bad Santa

Whether it’s the holidays or not, a Sagittarius just wants something that can give them a good laugh. Christmas is all about behaving well and Santa will give you a reward, but in this movie, a man who works as a department store Santa Claus proves that holiday movies can be just as naughty as they are nice. 

Capricorn: A Christmas Story 

Capricorns are very determined and strong, being ten steps ahead of you. We can also see Capricorn being nostalgic. These ambitious and hardworking zodiac signs will relate to Ralphie’s mission to get his dream gift – a Red Ryder air rifle. Other than being hardworking, Capricorn have the same grumpy attitude of Ralphie’s dad

Aquarius: It’s a Wonderful Life 

Aquarius are always concerned with the well being of humans, which means they love a good movie with a meaningful message. After George Bailey wishes he was never born an angel, he is sent to Earth to make his wish come true. This movie will leave an Aquarius so moved by the sacrifices George has made and with something to think about. 

Pisces: Elf 

Pisces are one of the most compassionate and spiritually signs, but something that is greater about them is their vivid imagination. Elf is a sweet uplifting comedy, which is all about tapping into our imagination and believing. Buddy is a fully grown man running around New York dressed as an elf, but his imagination is what saves the little bit of Christmas spirit that was left.

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