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By Reindy F Sanon

Here at Carteret High School, we like to have a little fun with our Teachers and Staff. The CHS Drama Department presented the annual Faculty Follies on February 9th 2023. It’s where the teachers got to show off their hidden talents (if they have any) to our beloved school community. From step dancing, to singing, the faculty know how to put on a great show! Anne Scott News interviewed Mr.Erik Bresocnik(US History teacher) and Ms.Shannon Dooley(Drama Club Advisor). This is what they had to say:


What was your favorite part about performing at faculty follies this year?


EB: – I enjoy the vibe in the auditorium as staff surprise the community w/ performances they were not expecting and their reaction is so positive every year.

I also love helping out, raising money for good causes.  If people are willing to pay to see me onstage as a fundraiser, I’ll do it every time.



SD: My favorite part of faculty follies is always seeing different teachers come together and show off different sides of themselves! It’s always such a fun time to perform and to watch performances. 


What did you think of your overall performance?


EB: – it did not go as we rehearsed.  There was a “musical malfunction” and it threw me off.  But these things happen in show biz, and you need to adjust on the fly.  This was the very first time I have ever attempted to sing on stage.  I went completely out of my comfort zone and took a risk.  Thank god for Miss Dooley for supporting me.


SD: I think our performance went well! And most importantly, we had a ton of fun!


If you watched the other performances, which ones were YOUR favorite and why?


EB: -I thought Ms. Scott’s Barbie Dance was the show stopper.  Excellent choreography, everyone in the performance was in sync….crowd reaction was amazing.


SD: I loved watching all the performances, but I really love seeing teachers do things that are unique! For example, I loved watching Ms. Scott dance because her style is so cool. And I loved watching Mr. Jannicelli and Mrs. Joaquin because it was different and so much fun. I also really enjoyed watching Ms. Kuzma perform her colorguard routine because it is such a unique talent that we don’t ever see in faculty follies. 


Final Thoughts?


EB: – I wish more staff would participate, especially the younger teachers.  In fact, it should be MANDATORY for them because it helps build rapport with their students and a new classroom relationship begins.  Students view them in a different light now and they will see that carry over into the classroom. 


– Next year I have A BIG SURPRISE in store for my fans….something I have never done.  Stay tuned…


SD: Overall, faculty follies is always such a fun night and an important fundraiser for the Drama Club! My hope is that next year we get even more teachers involved, especially newer ones so that we can learn new sides to them!

Faculty Follies is a perfect way to get with your friends and family to watch the teachers and staff perform for a great cause. All the performances keep getting better and better. We are looking forward to next year and the years to come. Hopefully, we can get MORE teachers to participate next year!

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