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By: Anisah Brown

Carteret High School marked Black History Month 2024  with celebrating black historical figures and other activities to make the one month event memorable. Black History Month has been in February since 1926. Designated by Carter G. Woodson, also known as the father of black history, the second month of the year that is February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (February 12,1809) and abolitionist Frederick Douglass (February 14) who did not know his actual birthday as he was born into slavery.


The event began with announcements that celebrated black history with a different theme for each week, The theme for the first week was influential figures. With the second week’s theme as famous inventors, figures like George Carver and others were celebrated. Music and television was the third week’s theme and Bryant Gumbel one of the many brought to light. Literature was the theme of the fourth and last week. Phillis Whitley and Lucy Terry stood out as some of the first African American women to compose poetry.

     Carteret High School did not just end this cultural recognition event with themes.The big celebration was finally held on February 28 and 29 where several students exhibited their version and perspective of black history month. Hosted by Mr. Jannicelli, the event not only showed the literary talents of students but also their artistic talents. Spectators were lucky enough to enjoy a bomba dance and a wonderful performance by the Carteret Step Team. The Chamber Choir’s take on Lift Every Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson was simply breathtaking. Poems by Reindy F. Sanon, Fahhama Fatima, Keiara Duncan and Tymir Gilbert were personal, soul touching and inspiring. Arts across the diaspora were displayed throughout the entire experience. Fun trivias were used to kill time.

      Individual classes also celebrated the month in their own way. Some English classes wrote about civil rights. Art classes did mini projects and many others .Carteret High School truly appreciated black history.

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