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By Mariana Cepeda-Morel

Dear Anne Scott, 

I’m a freshman at CHS, and I am so overwhelmed with school! Do you have any tips to help me manage? 


Frustrated Freshman 

Anne’s Response

Dear Frustrated Freshman, 

My advice for you is to make sure that you start off the year with a good first impression. First Impressions are extremely important to start off with a great foundation for your high school career. Another piece of advice is to always be on top of your grades because all assignments hold importance, you should be able to take pride in the grades you receive after putting in your all. As much as grades matter, however, be sure to make your first year memorable. Most people say that your freshman year is not as significant as the others, which is completely untrue. Make sure to enjoy it to the fullest!

Sending you good vibes, 

Anne Scott

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