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By Anisah Brown 

Braiding is an art that can be traced back to many years ago.From french braids to cornrows, there are countless types of braiding and specific ways of making them. Braiding Beauty is an after school program hosted at Pathways to school students on the beautiful arts of braiding. Formed last school year, the club is hosted by Miss Aja Bradley (braiding specialist) and open to all students interested in the art of braiding.” I feel like braiding is an essential skill. People call it the black girl gene and how some people do not have it,” she said. She herself has been braiding since she was little but did not actually pursue it until her teenage years. Having wanted to teach students, she organized the braiding beauty club.


About five boys have joined the braiding club this year, showing how braiding is a useful skill whether on your hair or other’s hair. Braiding may be a challenging skill to learn given that everyone has a slightly different way of holding their hands while they braid. This is what makes Braiding Beauty special as it offers in person and hands on instructions.The club meetings are held in an encouraging and friendly environment so it is also a platform to connect with others. “I want to learn braiding in order to style my own hair and save money,” most students who joined said. The club is still open to new members. To join you can either stop by Pathways, or email Ms.Aja Bradley at abradley@carteretschools.org.

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