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By Jesse Flores

Here at CHS there are a multitude of people who love to play games online, whether it be by console, PC, or even mobile. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to interview the students and faculty at this school about their most played video game. On top of that I will also ask what platform they use and when their maximum number of hours on their most played game. In the interview portion I had asked their name, grade/position, platform, and their most played game and amount of hours on it. I also asked a follow up question about how long they are on average per day.

Table  Showing Most Played Games

The Pie Chart below represents the combined platforms

Going into this I had many preexisting thoughts of what platform and what games were most played. But after the interviews I now realize that here at CHS there is a diverse multitude of people who play many different video games and hours ranging from a couple of hours to even years. But what I found most interesting was the maximum amount of hours people had on their most played video games. The average was around 781.2 hours for their max game. Most people had around 200-400 hours on their game, but what raised the average was the people who played a game for 1,000+ hours. The total number of hours in all was 46,872 hours, in years that is 5.35. The highest amount of playtime said was 7,800 hours on COD WW2 and lowest was 4 hours on a mobile game. A few people in the interviews said that they retired from gaming. So their hours were when they used to play. Another interesting thing said was their platforms. Quite a few people had multiple platforms, examples like PC and Xbox or Xbox and PS4. 

To answer the question asked at the beginning of this article, the most played video game is Call Of Duty, with 7 people playing it. In hours the most played game is also Call of Duty with 10,230 hours combined between players. Apex was the runner up with 7,500 hours played. An additional note of most played platforms will go to PC with 23 users. But if we count PS and Xbox as consoles then they will beat out PCs with 26 users. I want to personally thank everyone I interviewed for their time and their honest answers. 

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