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By Naysha Rivas

As usual, the Drama Club shows just how well of a show they can put on. Previously known for doing Puffs and Pippin, “Whodunit… and to whom” was performed by the Carteret High School Drama Club on November 16 and 17, 2023. It was great and the ending confused audiences. Anne Scott News interviewed Hillary Lawton, head of the Drama Club, to find out more about the play. This is what she had to say:

How did you decide on this play?

When coming up with a play for this year, I knew I wanted a classic murder mystery. I scoured the internet looking for something that would work for our stage and with our students. I came across “Whodunit.. and to Whom ” in a facebook group for theater educators. It had a lot of great reviews and came highly recommended. The twists and turns were interesting and the play left the audience laughing and confused all at the same time!


What was your experience like working on this play?

Putting together this play was a LOT of fun! The play starts with a carpet salesman, Harold, attempting to write a play. While he is writing the play, his thoughts come to life on the other side of the stage. As the play goes on, we learn that Harold himself is also a thought and may not exactly be real. This forced the actors to develop two worlds. The world they are acting in, and the world where they are themselves. We got to work on accents and lots of character development in order to bring this play to life. 

How did you get into drama?

A long long time ago, my parents took me to see live children’s theater. I had always loved to sing, but it was when I saw that first musical in the first row, that I knew I had to be on that stage. I started auditioning at the age of 10, got into my first show (Tom Sawyer as a school girl), and have been performing and involved with theater ever since!

Moving on, we decided to interview a sophomore and audience member named Samantha Negron (who’s also a fan of the Drama club). She was asked for her opinion on the play, and this is what she had to say:

What did you think of the play? 

I thought it was awesome, but I was super confused at the same time like at the end. It left me questioning like everything..but in like a good way.

Any other thoughts? 

The characters are so- very nice. I love how everyone- played the role.

We also interviewed Kristie Pereira, a former Drama Club member (previously an actor in Puffs and a crew member in Pippin). Once again, she put on a stellar performance and did great with a minor role. She helped make the character great and shows that even with a minor role, she can play the part well and gave it her all. This is what she replied with:

What was your experience like working on this play?

I was “Police Officer #2. It was honestly very fun and very enjoyable, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new and exciting.

From an honest opinion, everyone did well on the making on this play. From the actors, to the backstage crew, to even the directors truly made this play a great experience to witness. Anne Scott News (and other people) look forward to their next great shows and next year’s upcoming musical! (Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to see it too!)

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