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By Rianna Araujo and Daiancy Aquino

So what really goes on in Carteret High School’s bathrooms? Here’s our exclusive intel on the topic. We started our interviews on the second floor with Mrs. Cal. “It was a humbling experience” she stated. You can interpret this however you’d like to but I think we all know… mhmm. Our second victim of the day, widely known as “ big headed porcupine” AKA Mr. Platero. A very straightforward and interesting source of intel who gave us numbers on how many kids sign in, in just one period. He feels “ okay” about the duty he stated. Mr. Platero does believe that it has become easier of a Duty now that kids just put in their ID numbers. About 43 to 37 kids sign in, in just one period on the first floor but as he stated “it has to get done”. As the day went by we noticed a frequent bathroom user on ALL floors. Jayda Morales. “Teachers rush me and I don’t be taking that long” she exclaimed. Can we really blame them though, it’s their job. 


Later on we saw Ms. Lach, our personal favorite interview of the day. She could confidently say the smell of the bathroom was “NOT GOOD”. She also then said she prefers bathroom duty than lunch duty. Unexpected right? That made us think what do teachers who have lunch duty, think? We found Dr Bradley AKA Doc, at the sticky, overwhelming cafeteria 5th period, agreed with Ms. Lach about preferring bathroom duty over lunch duty. He then went on to say that lunch duty and bathroom duty are both a “sacred obligation and it helps all the students”.  Finally, after the long day, we had our last interview with Mrs. Wardel.  She completely disagreed with the statement “bathroom duty is better than lunch duty”. She also believes that “the system doesn’t work and we need to figure something else out”. Thanks for reading and special thanks to our interviewees. 

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